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Your Guide to Commercial Concrete Epoxy Coating

With all of the choices on the market for concrete coatings, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your project. Should you go with acrylic? Urethane? Polyurea? Epoxy? Latex? Which one will stand up to wear and tear the best? How do you know if a coating is truly “commercial grade”?

In this article, we’re going to focus on commercial concrete epoxy coatings. We’ll discuss what they are, some of the advantages and disadvantages of using them, and provide tips on selecting the right product for your needs.

What Is a Commercial Concrete Epoxy Coating?

A commercial concrete epoxy coating is a two-part system that is mixed together and applied to concrete to create a protective barrier. Epoxy coatings are typically used in industrial and commercial settings because of their durability and resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and high temperatures. 

Advantages of Using an Epoxy Coating 

There are several reasons why you might choose to use an epoxy coating on your concrete surfaces:

  1. Durability: Epoxy coatings are extremely durable and can last for many years with proper maintenance. 
  2. Chemical Resistance: Epoxy coatings are resistant to most household chemicals, making them ideal for use in areas where there might be spills or leaks. 
  3. Abrasion Resistance: Epoxy coatings resist wear and tear from foot traffic and heavy equipment, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. 
  4. Impact Resistance: Epoxy coatings can help protect concrete from impact damage, making them ideal for use in areas subject to frequent vibrations or changes in temperature. 
  5. Heat Resistance: Epoxy coatings can withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for use in areas subject to extreme heat or cold. 
  6. UV Resistance: Epoxy coatings resist fading and discoloration from exposure to UV rays, making them ideal for use in outdoor applications. 
  7. Slip Resistance: Epoxy coatings can provide a slip-resistant surface that is safe for both pedestrians and vehicles. 
  8. Easy to Clean: Epoxy coatings are easy to clean and maintain, requiring only regular sweeping and mopping with soap and water. 
  9. Aesthetically Pleasing: In addition to their functional benefits, epoxy coatings can also enhance the appearance of concrete surfaces with a high-gloss finish.
  10. Cost-Effective: When compared to other types of flooring, epoxy coatings are an economical choice that can provide many years of service.

Disadvantages of Using an Epoxy Coating 

While there are many advantages to using an epoxy coating, there are also some disadvantages to consider:

  1. VOCs: Some epoxy coatings contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be harmful to both humans and the environment. 
  2. Odor: Epoxy coatings have a strong odor that can be unpleasant for people working in or near the area where it is being applied. 
  3. Fumes: The fumes from epoxy coatings can be irritating to the eyes, nose, and throat. 
  4. Skin Irritation: Epoxy coatings can cause skin irritation in some people. 
  5. Allergies: Some people may be allergic to the ingredients in epoxy coatings. 

Where is Commercial Epoxy Most Commonly Used?

Commercial epoxy is most commonly used in the following applications:

  1. Industrial Flooring: Epoxy coatings are often used in industrial settings because of their durability and resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and high temperatures. 
  2. Commercial Flooring: Epoxy coatings are also commonly used in commercial settings for the same reasons. 
  3. Garage Flooring: Epoxy coatings are a popular choice for garage floors because they resist stains, oil, and grease. 
  4. Basement Flooring: Epoxy coatings can help waterproof basement floors and resist mold and mildew growth. 
  5. Patio and Deck Coatings: Epoxy coatings can extend the life of patio and deck surfaces by protecting them from the elements. 
  6. Countertop Coatings: Epoxy coatings can give countertops a glossy, stain-resistant finish. 
  7. Bathroom and Kitchen Flooring: Epoxy coatings are a popular choice for bathroom and kitchen floors because they resist moisture and are easy to clean. 
  8. Swimming Pool Decks: Epoxy coatings can provide a slip-resistant surface around swimming pools. 
  9. Driveways and Walkways: Epoxy coatings can help protect concrete driveways and walkways from weathering and staining. 
  10. Airport Runways: The durability of epoxy coatings makes them ideal for use on airport runways where they are subjected to high traffic and extreme weather conditions.

How Do I Know if Commercial Epoxy is Right for Me?

When deciding if commercial epoxy is right for you, there are a few factors to consider:

  1. The type of surface you want to coat: Epoxy coatings can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. 
  2. The condition of the surface: Epoxy coatings can be used on both new and existing concrete surfaces. 
  3. The amount of traffic the surface receives: Epoxy coatings are ideal for high-traffic areas. 
  4. Your budget: Commercial epoxy coatings vary in price, so be sure to compare products and get quotes from multiple suppliers before making a decision. 
  5. Your timeline: It typically takes two to three days to apply an epoxy coating, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Now that you know all about commercial epoxy coatings, you can decide if they are the right choice for your project. If you have any questions, be sure to consult with one of our professionals before making a decision.

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