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Garage Floor Epoxy

garage floor epoxy
If you are looking for a garage flooring material that can last a lifetime and will look great, consider going with an epoxy flooring system. Many people who shop for new garage flooring often select epoxy because it is the most durable material on the market. In addition to being incredibly strong, it can also be customized in terms of color and design. Both commercial and residential garages are popular installation areas for epoxy flooring due to the material's superior impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and toughness.

When looking at a garage epoxy flooring system, you have more than just an option of choosing from a number of colors. You can also get creative by customizing the look to match your style with different types of patterns! There is no need to feel limited to the dull colors of bare concrete when it comes to garage epoxy flooring. Our team at Epoxy Spokane is here to help you achieve the right look for your home or business garage.
garage floor epoxy
garage floor epoxy

Easy Cleanup and Maintenance

Maintenance in a garage is a must because of the nature in which it is used. With a large variety of different activities going on, there are going to be spills! Rather than having to worry about spending hours scrubbing oil and grease out of your concrete flooring, you can simply wipe up these spills with water and soap or an all-purpose cleaner.

Hassle-Free Repairs

With epoxy flooring in Spokane, Washington, if something does happen, fixing it will be cost-effective and straightforward. Epoxy makes for an excellent coating when repairing heavy traffic areas such as garage floors. You don't have to do any sanding or resurfacing before applying epoxy, which helps to cut back on repair times. This will also save you a lot of money on your repairs and make the process quick and straightforward.

Oil, Rust, Mildew, and Chemicals

Concrete is often more susceptible to oil vapors and can even contain traces of harmful chemicals such as solvents and acids. These types of substances can cause concrete to deteriorate and discolor very quickly. This is impossible with epoxy flooring that was built for durability! Epoxy garage floors are resistant to most chemicals, making them great for workshops or storage areas where some hazardous materials are stored.

While it might be tempting to simply leave your bare concrete garage floor looking like a grey slab of cement, don't be afraid to get creative! An epoxy coating will transform your lackluster garage floor into something that reflects your style and personality.

As strong as it is beautiful, a garage epoxy flooring system is truly an investment that is worth every penny. Our staff has years of experience, and we use only top-quality materials and equipment. Additionally, we offer very competitive pricing! Please give us a call. Contact our team at Epoxy Spokane today for more information on how we can help you make your dream garage a reality.

Common Installation Areas:

  • Residential garages
  • Commercial garages
  • Industrial garages

Epoxy for Commercial Garages

Commercial garages are often used by contractors and business owners alike. This means that epoxy flooring is ideal for this use due to its durability. These installations can be customized to suit the needs of your business or commercial garage area, allowing you to stand out from the crowd with unique designs! Having an epoxy coating in these areas will allow you to store heavy machinery without worrying about damage. Businesses who need a strong flooring solution should purchase commercial-grade epoxy floor coatings because they are truly built for high-traffic uses.

Epoxy for Residential Garages

Homeowners looking for a unique upgrade to their garage spaces should look into epoxy flooring systems. These residential garages will see much less traffic than commercial garages but still benefit significantly from the durability and easy maintenance of an epoxy coating! With so many color options to choose from and patterns that can be created, you truly get a chance to personalize the appearance of your new epoxy garage floor! There is no need to worry about cracking or fading when using this type of flooring in your residential garage.

Epoxy for Industrial Garages

Industrial garages are often used to produce, store, and repair large auto machinery. This type of garage flooring system needs to be strong enough to handle the vast amounts of weight encountered regularly. Epoxy coatings are especially ideal for this use because they can handle high-traffic areas without the risk of cracking or chipping over time. Individuals who live in warmer climates may still want a coating for their residential or commercial garage flooring due to the ability to prevent oil stains from penetrating through. However, those who reside in colder regions will find an epoxy garage floor beneficial regardless of weather conditions or use.

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