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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

In the workplace epoxy flooring is advantageous to both business owners and employees. It reduces expensive repairs, provides a safe working environment, resists chemicals, withstands heavy foot traffic, and much more.

The main reason why so many businesses are choosing to use Commercial Epoxy Flooring is because it greatly reduces repair costs across multiple industries including automotive garages, food processing plants, hospitals chapel floors , sports arenas, garage floors , warehouses . When there are chemical spills in these areas that would normally ruin carpets or absorbent tiles if not quickly removed with water or vacuumed up immediately. With Commercial Epoxy Flooring there is no need for downtime while waiting for the spill to be cleared up. The floors can be easily washed down and will be ready to use within just a few minutes.

Commercial epoxy flooring is extremely durable – being able to last for years with no need for patch or repair work unlike traditional surfaces. Traditional floor coatings such as tiles, linoleum , carpet, etc… quickly show wear around high-traffic areas where the material becomes thin from excessive traffic, exposing the subfloor beneath it. When this occurs it exposes those walking on the surface to possible injuries from sharp objects that may now protrude up through the surface which can also cause tripping hazards . With Commercial Epoxy Flooring there are none of these concerns due to its strong resistance against abrasion, heat, chemicals and impact damage.

Commercial epoxy flooring also offers superior chemical resistance, which is extremely important in many areas. It resists staining , rust, corrosion and degradation so it will always look clean and new. Many other surfaces can be easily marred by these chemicals leaving behind an unsightly blemish often requiring replacement of the damaged surface or at least time consuming cleaning to restore its appearance back to normal. With Commercial Epoxy Flooring chemicals are no problem! This makes commercial epoxy flooring a smart choice for food processing plants, hospitals, dental offices , pharmacies , computer rooms garages.

The slip resistant feature is another reason why commercial epoxy flooring is a great choice in a wide variety of settings. The better grip afforded over traditional flooring surfaces provides a greater sense of security reducing the chance of accidents. This feature is very beneficial in areas where floors may become wet or slippery such as food processing plants, hospitals, locker rooms , garages, etc…

Commercial epoxy flooring is an extremely durable surface that can be used in all areas for many years because it does not absorb liquids like traditional materials which makes them not only maintenance free but also waterproof! The non-porous surface prevents liquids from seeping into the subfloor requiring replacement or costly repair to remove damage that typically occurs with other types of flooring. It's perfect for around heavy machinery that creates hydraulic fluid spills at factories, dry cleaners , restaurants, garages , paint shops.


The various commercial epoxy flooring coatings offer different benefits depending on the area where it is installed:

Food Processing Plants

an easy to clean and non-porous surface provides a safe, chemical resistant floor that prevents rust, corrosion and staining. Even at their most strenuous this type of coating can handle temperatures of up to 375° F (190° C) with little to no damage which eliminates the need for expensive floor replacement when extreme conditions such as these occur. A slip resistant surface provides greater safety for employees reducing accidents due to wet or slippery floors.


For areas like hallways, patient rooms, waiting room entry ways , etc… food grade epoxy coatings are available. This ensures the complete elimination of harmful bacteria or other health concerns of any kind. It's very important to protect against these risks in areas where there is direct patient contact.
Commercial Epoxy Flooring also comes with antimicrobial features that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, mold and mildew, which provides a healthier environment for employees and patients alike without the threat of illness causing infections .


Non-slip epoxy floor coating provides just what you need for this high traffic area where oil stains are commonplace. The strong resistance to abrasion makes it ideal around workbenches, tools , equipment , garbage cans , etc… without worry of damage from frequent use. The chemical resistant properties keep garage floors clean looking, avoiding unsightly stains caused by spilled chemicals like gasoline. Dramatically reduce your recreational vehicle maintenance by eliminating the stains that are so common with traditional garage flooring.

Locker Rooms

The slip resistant quality makes this type of epoxy coating perfect for locker room floors to prevent slips and falls. It is also resistant to chemicals which can easily damage traditional flooring surfaces including oils, mildew , mold, etc… This helps eliminate any health concerns or other potential problems associated with these substances found in many areas prone to heavy traffic like school locker rooms , athletic fields, etc...


Heavy commercial equipment produces a large amount of oil frequently causing unsightly black spots on the surrounding floor. Commercial grade epoxy coatings can resist up to 750 psi which eliminates these types of blemishes by providing a non-porous surface that is also chemically resistant. The coating can withstand high heat and extreme cold (-20° F to 500°F) which makes it perfect for the colder months when slippery floors are likely to occur.

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